Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Healing to Vic Wright

Please send healing to Vic Wright. Vic, also known as the "Rock
Lady," has been part of Circle Sanctuary for many years. She writes a column on
spiritual uses of stones and minerals for CIRCLE Magazine and has helped
with a variety of Circle festivals, including running the "Magic Tent" at
the Pagan Spirit Gathering each year. Vic, who is from Kentucky, has been
living in Minnesota in recent months.

Vic is hospitalized in St. Paul, Minnesota and is being treated for
pneumonia and severe asthma.

Although she is now out of intensive care, she is still in need of
much healing.

Please send Vic healing now and in the time ahead through healing
prayers, meditations, circles, and other workings.

Vic welcomes well wishes sent to her by email:
labrysamazon11@yahoo.com -- although she doesn't have email access
right now, she plans to read her emails once she leaves the hospital
as part of receiving additional support.

Healing Circle: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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