Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Please send Healing to Laura Roberts

On December 21, she was in a 4 car pile up on the way to pick her son
up from airport for yule.
The person charged with the accident was drunk and on drugs. Her
only truck is totaled and of course she is fighting insurance company
over what they need to do. It appears as if this person was
underinsured for such items so it will more than likely end up coming
out of her insurance. She says she is ok suffered a severe concussion
and lots of muscle trama but she is ok. The docs did find a
suspicious spot in her brain on the cat scan so she is having to go in
for a MRI to get a better look on Jan 25th. That on top of this silly
move they have to make and some personal problems it has been busy to
say at the least. We should all thank the gods her son was not in the
vehicle. For those of you who have played pinball..... she must of
been the pinball in this accident bounced between another truck, a
semi and this drunks car. They had to pry the driver's side door
open to get her out. Will keep everyone updated on her condition.

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