Sunday, March 01, 2009

Memoriam to Eric Erickson

Circle Sanctuary Community member, Eric Erickson of Wisconsin died
this afternoon at his rural Spring Green home after a long battle with

Eric, a Pagan Marine veteran, was one of the founding members of the
Order of the Pentacle and assisted with the Veteran Pentacle Quest.

Eric was born on November 27, 1956 in Madison, Wisconsin, and is
survived by his wife Bronwyn (Bonnie) and their daughter Bryn. He
also is survived by two sons and a daughter from a previous marriage
and by brothers, sisters, his father, and numerous other family
members. His mother, Pat Donohue, was also a member of Circle
Sanctuary and her cremains are buried at Circle Cemetery.

Please send blessings to Eric as he journeys in the Otherworld.

Please send condolences and support to Bronwyn:
and to his network of family and friends.

Memorial services are being planned and will be conducted by Selena
Fox of Circle Sanctuary. To get more info, please email: Please include your phone number as well
as preferred email address so that we have multiple ways of being in
touch. Thanks.

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