Monday, March 16, 2009

Update for Pam

Ana, friend of Pam Kolozsy, has sent this update about her condition:

"Pam has undergone her second chemo treatment and is very tired and needs to rest. In all other aspects she is in a good place. There are things that Pam said she has yet to do and we can send her the energy she needs to accomplish them in her good time. There are many things we are able to do for Pam on this journey and the most important one is to continue to offer her up to the Goddess daily. You can also send her your thoughts, love and support as you have been and she sends her thanks to you all.

I will keep in touch with all of you as news develops. The wonderful
strength you are sending is being felt. Pam told me on Friday that the doctors were amazed she was able to walk, much less to go home and she chuckled because she knew where that power was coming from...and so do we."

Continued support can be sent to Pam at pamelakolozsy2@

Healing Circle: Thursday, March 5, 2009

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