Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Milwaukee Pagan Unity Council

The Milwaukee Pagan Unity Council, along with the Pagan Community of Milwaukee & Southeastern Wisconsin are presenting this year's Ostara Festival, and would like to cordially invite you to participate in and/or sponsor our annual Pagan event.

This event will take place on Sunday, March 28th 2010. (More information is coming soon...)

Our event's main activity is to come together for a day of pride and unity amongst the many different Pagan paths. We educate the public and celebrate our cultural, spiritual, lifestyle and ethnic diversity through a platform of change, growth and education for all people or groups accepting of, or open to, the goals and beliefs of the pagan community.

We welcome ALL members of the Pagan Community and encourage other spiritual non-profit groups to participate as well. This is a family oriented event, with a children's play area and activities, craft and vendor booths, food court, workshops, arts and entertainment.

Our tenative schedule this year includes:
Guest Speaker: Reverend Kirk Thomas, Vice Arch Druid of ADF, Previous President of Cherry Hill Seminary

Key Note Speakers:
Joshua Wetzel (Paradigmal Pirate), Stephanie Rose Bird (Big Book of Soul), Shauna Aura & Mark Mandrake, and Valley Crone,

Muggle & Magical Manners, Facilitated by Valley Crone
Healing with Crystals, Facilitated by Diane Bloome
Heathenry 101:What is Asatru?, Facilitated by Phyllis Steinhauser
Kabbalah: A Historical Introduction, Facilitated by Johnny Rapture
Pagan Leadership & Personal Growth, Facilitated by Shauna Aura
Chakras, Alchemy & Personal Growth, Facilitated by Mark Mandrake
More workshops are coming but will not be approved until February 14th 2010.

You still have time to submit an applications at: https://spreadsheet com/viewform? hl=en&formkey= dDh0RGhWY084UGcz SVNRQmtxRk5XZEE6 MA

With a projected attendance of upwards of 200 individuals, along with internet coverage and lots of local advertising, a sponsorship of our event would give your business great advertising exposure at a low cost.

Remember, your sponsorship and support are tax deductible.

For more information, please contact Tori Danson at ivonywynters @

For more information on vendor and sponsor packages please check out:
http://spreadsheets pub?key=ta- Gowu4EEuCXa6zLST 6Pbg&output= html

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