Monday, March 15, 2010

Ostara Ritual Planning Workshop, March 21st, Milwaukee WI

Ostara Ritual Arts and Planning Workshop
March 21st, 12-6pm,
Location on the East Side of Milwaukee near UWM. Please pre-register for address

Take a breath...can you smell the season turning from Winter to Spring?

At this workshop, we will explore basic tools for putting on public rituals. We will explore the tools of ecstatic ritual and step into experiential ritual work. If you've wanted to lead, or better support public rituals, or see more excellence in public ritual work, this is a great introduction to tools and skills for offering rituals that will really help a group sink into the work.

We'll also brainstorm about Ostara and Spring in order to help plan the Closing ritual for the Milwaukee Pagan Unity Council's Ostara Festival on March 28th. Participants in the class who wish to can choose to support the ritual on the 28th. We will also do an Ostara ritual as part of this afternoon workshop.

It is Ostara, time for the Seeds of Change. The seeds awaken within the earth, softening with the melting snow and rains, and stretching toward the rising light. What seeds do you plant now, or have you planted in the earth before the cold season? What are the seeds that you wish to tend for this year? This is the time of healing, and of regeneration. What are your hopes, wishes, and dreams that you will pray for? Will you hold the seeds planted in the rich earth of your heart, and imagine the tree grown strong?

Donations accepted on a sliding scale from $1-$50. Register or ask questions --

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