Thursday, June 17, 2010

Solar Wind Power

The following are some sites that give you ideas and possible cost and financing. I will try in the days coming up to add to this list. One of the things I have heard about to cut electrical costs to find out how energy efficient your current home is called thermal imaging. It takes a thermal photo as to where the heat and cooling leaks are in your home so you can plug these gaps. I recently moved into a new apartment complex here in Missouri(August 2009) and was shoked at the electrical bill I had for September and October. It has electric heat and central air conditioning and the total electrical bill per month was $20.00. Recent laws passed here in Missouri mandated energy efficient construction of all new houses and apartments. These modifications to your home can make the purchase of solar/windpower more affordable. Here in Missouri, you are required by law, when purchasing solar/windpower for your home, to contact your electrical company so when you hookup your home with solar/windpower and you make more electricity than you need, you can get paid for your excess power production.

http://www.homesola rwindpower. com/
http://www.windands olarpower. biz/
http://geco. cleanpowerplan. com/?leadsource= 25&gclid=CPrNk9b9paICF RMNDQodIDIxRQ
http://www.creative solarusa. com/Solar- Power-FAQ. php#6
http://www.solarpow erdirectory. com/city/ Ohio.html
http://www.energysa your_home/ electricity/ index.cfm/ mytopic=10880

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