Thursday, June 17, 2010

Urgent Please send Healing to Deby Morris

Please send healing to Debby Morris and support to her partner Zan Krall.

Debby and Zan who live in Maryland in the Washington , DC area are longtime members of Circle Sanctuary and the Pagan Spirit Gathering Community. Debby does military support ministry and other work through Circle Sanctuary. Zan is the coordinator of Amethyst Circle at the Pagan Spirit Gathering.

On her way to work this morning, Debby, who has had some problems with irregular heart rhythms in the past, began experiencing chest and jaw pains. She is now in a Maryland hospital, and Zan is by her side.

* Please send healing, comfort, and well-being to Debby.

* Please send support to Zan.

* Please send blessings to the medical team that is attending to Debby so that her condition can be correctly diagnosed and effectively treated.

Email well wishes to Debby:

and support to Zan:

Here is a photo of Debby & Zan to use as a focus. Debby is on the left; Zan on the right.

Please pass this call for healing on to others.


Selena Fox

Circle Sanctuary

Healing Circle: Monday, June 14, 2010

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