Friday, April 28, 2006

Healing to Mama Cat and Mo

Please send healing to Mama Cat & Mo of Illinois who are grieving thepassing of their beloved feline daughter Missy.Mama Cat writes: "On March 24, 2006, at two forty five in theafternoon, our feline daughter Missy went to join her brothers andsisters inthe Summerland. She went quietly and quickly, helped by the caringhandsof Dr. Julie. She was buried with loving hands in the center of ourSacred Space, and took along all her toys, her pillow, and hercatnip. Herpeople brother Jeremy dug her for her a womb in Mother Earth, and I,asher people Mother, sprinkled her with red pipestone dust torepresentthe blood of rebirth. We talked long as we spoke of the past and thejoyful times we had shared, and then with tears we said our finalgoodbyes. Jeremy and I slowly covered herwith the soil of Mother Earth, chanting and singing to let the worldknow the good sister and daughter she had been. Her outside sistersGuinivere and Princess joined us in the Sacred Space to say theirgoodbyesas well."Transition Blessings to Missy.Blessings to her human family: Mama Cat and Mo, Jeremy and Sylvia,Nathan and Tammy, and Caleb, Brianna, and Abby.Healing Circle: Friday, March 24, 2006

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