Friday, April 28, 2006

Healing to Meadowyn

Please send healing to Meadowyn (Juliet) of Illinois.Meadowyn has requested prayers, energy, and positive intentions forherself for this Friday, March 24th. She will undergo outpatientsurgeryat 10am at a hospital in the Chicago area to heal an ongoingcondition,followed by recovering at home for the following few days. There isapossibility of a few complications, so she asks that the communityenvision a smooth and successful procedure, clarity and skill fromherdoctors, and minimal pain and discomfort for her. She is preparedwithstrong intention for a complete recovery and future health and shedeeplythanks everyone in advance for respecting her privacy as regards thedetails of the surgery. She has wonderful support from her familyandfriends during her recovery, and appreciates any well-wishes andblessingsyou might wish to convey.Send well wishes to Meadowyn directly atmeadowyn@circlesanctuary.orgor through Tessa at Circle: Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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