Monday, June 02, 2008

Astrological Charts - Couple

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Recently, had a major life changes and walking the path of intention has me doing my astrological charts full time. I have been studying astrology for 20+ years and will also be available through email or phone for consultations. Please share this information with those that you feel would be interested in purchasing a chart. I have several different types of charts types. Please see below for the couple's astrological chart comparison.

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Natal Charts - Astrologers roadmap to our spirits choices

Here it is a down to earth natal chart that will help you to understand the choices your soul made for this lifetime. A comparison of characteristics of your sun and moon signs to your significant others. This will compare the lineage of your planets and where they can be in opposition or aligned. What makes you work and what makes you crazy.

Simply email crone at

The chart will require that I have both of your birth dates, times and places of birth. These records are used only for the placement of your natal chart information then deleted.

Cost = $70

Includes information on sun sign, moon sign and phase, twelve house placement.

Please ask if there are specific health or diet issues that you would like to learn about your charts.

Further consultation by phone or email is bartered/charged at $60/hour minutely incremented.

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