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I am probably the worst at introductions, although I do try. I am a little bit over posting an introduction but wanted to go ahead and send one out this evening as soon as I got a chance. life has been quite hectic to say the least.

Online, I go by the name of Gaia Song. I have been following a Pagan path for over 25 years. I prefer to use the term Heathen, but often settle for Pagan as a matter of ease of discussion with others in an online environment. My personal tradition is heavily based in Celtic tradition. However, as many would probably point out, the term Celtic can be fairly broad and therefore encompasses both continental and insular Europe. I therefore tend to find companionship and comradery with those who would follow both so-called Celtic (I am not overtly fond of the term Celtic but it works well when speaking very generally) and Northern traditions as many of the beliefs and traditions are often shared in many ways between the two. Of course, even within that statement I realize that there are many individual groups and that there are probably few definitive or broad statement that could be made and as this is merely an introduction I will leave this topic for another time as it could be a conversation all to its own with numerous subtopics as well. Simply, I do realize that both cultures and time do not exist within a vacuum but recognize each within its own. As such, based upon my beliefs and inclinations I can easily identify with many who might refer to themselves as reconstructionalists, traditionalists, and such. Much of such labeling is left within the details and the only thing that really matter is the oaths that exist between you and your Gods - and that is a personal issue and not something for public discussion, nor does it need to be.

As to myself, I am a mother and a wife. I have two wonderful children, one of whom is school age and one who is younger. I do not like to provide many specifics publicly regarding my family as such things tend to be private and therefore will only state that they are both under the age of seven and *wonderful* bright children whom I love dearly. I am a professional woman and have a career in the corporate world. I am married for many years to a great man who has many talents both as an artist, craftsman, and teacher.

I tend to balance myself through scholastic study and spiritual living. I also am a craftswoman and enjoy making things with my hands. Most of my work is focused on embroidery, but there are few things that I either have not tried to make or would not consider trying to make. I have worked with most mediums including wood, stone, pottery, cloth, earth, metal, reeds, pigments, and all sorts of things. I also have a newly acquired loom which I am learning how to weave on. I have saved learning how to spin for later as I realize that although the arts of spinning and weaving might go hand in hand, they really do require a different set of skills and therefore I am setting about to learn one before attempting the other. Truth be told, I will probably end up doing tapestry weavings based on my current interests and abilities, but I could still surprise myself.

Hmmm? What else? I own an extensive library comprised predominately of folklore, mythology, and archeology that is pertinent to Northern Europe and insular Europe. There are also a few things thrown in there regarding Northern Africa too, mostly archaeological; and also quite a few general art history books. Then, there are the books on herbs both in medicine and folklore; world children stories; assorted foreign language dictionaries; psychology; and other such related things. Most of the books are non-fiction and those which are based in fiction were either gifts from friends or relatives and therefore what am I going to do with them? So, they sit there. There is often a lot that can be told about a person based on their personal library, so there you have it.

If there is ever anything you would like to know about me, just ask. I will either answer or tell you that it is not something that I want to discuss in the public realm. I do tend to be a rather private person. This does not mean that I mean (scowl mode *on*), evasive, or anything of that ilk... I just have to get to know people a bit first. :) Really! I tend to have a rather, uhhm, interesting... yes, I think that is the word.... sense of humor sometimes that can throw people a bit off kilter. Other than that, I am a fairly nice person - or at least I think so!

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