Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Healing for Drew

Please send healing support to Andrew (Drew) Ahl, son of Rev. Kay J.
Ahl (Tia Hu).

Drew, who is 28 years old and presently living in Minnesota, is having
thyroid surgery tomorrow, Wednesday, June 11, at 11 am in Minneapolis,
Minnesota. Drew was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. During
the operation, surgeons will be completely removing his thyroid and
doing exploratory surgery. If the cancer is contained to one or two of
the nodules in his thyroid, he will probably not need radiation or

Drew is surrounded by loving family and friends who ask that prayers,
magical workings and healing energy be sent to him from now through
his recovery process.

Please send strength, healing and support to Drew and his family, as
well as blessings to the medical team caring for him.

Email well wishes to Kay/Tia: All emails will be
greatly appreciated even though acknowledging each with a reply is
not possible.

Healing Circle: Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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