Thursday, July 10, 2008

Handcrafted Witches Ladder / Pagan Rosary / Prayer Beads

Handcrafted Witches Ladder / Pagan Rosary / Prayer Beads
End Time: Jul-08-08 19:29:07 PDT
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This item is a handcrafted item that is known by many names that include: Witches Ladder, Pagan Rosary, and Prayer Beads. The total measurable length is 34 in. / 86 cm. (that's almost 3 ft. long!) and it is made of a combination of glass and metals beads. In other words, this is a full length functional Witches Ladder. On one end there are glass leaves and on the end end there is a dragon. Please keep in mind that this photo was taken at a distance and does not adequately demonstrate the sizable glass beads and full length of this item. Some people could even wear this item as a belt depending if they had a small waist size.

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