Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Healing Update for Gene

Red Eagle, daughter of Gene of Jamestown, North Carolina, sent this
update about her father's condition:

"My Dad had the fissure surgery in May & thanks to everyone that sent
healing & quick recovery to him, he healed remarkably fast with
minimum pain. The doctors were even surprised at his quick recovery.
[I have to just grin to my self when doctors are surprised at
something & I know that Magick is behind it]."

"My Dad finished his 3rd phase of chemo this month (July). He had a
CAT Scan earlier this week and the results revealed that the cancer
had not spread to anywhere else in his body and ...[drum roll]... the
cancer has shrunk in size! Because of this, my Dad's Oncologist
decided it would be in my Dad's best interest to give him 3 months
off from the chemo to allow him time to regain his strength. The
doctor was a little on the confused side with these results because
this cancer doesn't normally shrink & he felt the
need to remind my parents that this type of cancer is not curable.
[Again, I have to grin because I know that Magick was behind it]. A
gazillion Thank You's to everyone that has been sending all that
healing to my Dad & confusing the doctor's belief in science."

"We'd like to still ask that everyone continue to send healing &
strength to my Dad (Gene) & strength to my Mother (Pam). We'd also
like to continue asking that the cancer continue to shrink until it
is completely gone."

Continued support can be sent to Gene & his family via his daughter,
Red Eagle, at:

Gene's family thanks everyone in advance for the healing & strength

Healing Circle: Thursday, July 24, 2008

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