Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Book of Shadows CD Rom

Merry Meet everyone. I got this message on one of my other lists I am subscribed
to and thought I'd forward it to all of you because I got my Book of Shadows CD
in the other day and think it's wonderful! Anyways, you can get yours at It's free but you still have to pay for shipping ($5)
but it's way worth it.

Merry Part,

> Greetings,
> I am known as Sapphire. I am posting this notice because I am once
> again offering my Book of Shadows on CD-ROM for free. It contains
> more than 15 full length books, hundreds of spells plus pagan
> information and occult resources. It also includes desktop themes,
> screensavers, software and more. There are over 700 pages of pagan
> information, spells, and resources in the Book of Shadows, more
> than 14 full length books on the rest of the CD. For more
> information, please visit my web site:
> Bright Blessings,
> Sapphire

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