Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Camping Pagan

Hello Happy Camping Pagans,

We're approaching the first sign-up deadline for Sacred Harvest Festival.
Sign up before July 1, and the rates are $30 cheaper.

Come for 3 days (for $60), 5 days (for $85), or the full 9 days (for only
$115). You can enjoy 9 days of Pagan festival for less that $13 per day!

Also, merchant spaces, workshop presentations, and electric access is
limited, so the earlier you sign-up, the more options you have.

Kids 17 and younger are only $20 no matter when you sign up, and children
under 5 are free. This is a family friendly festival, helping to advance
the next generation of our community.

You can camp for 9 days under the mighty oak trees of Harmony Park,
surrounded by hundreds of your closest friends. Each day of the festival
begins with community, and continues with us coming together for
workshops, rituals, and entertainment. We continually form meaningful
connections. People have actually moved to the Twin Cities to be closer to
the group that organizes this empowering festival. It's more than a
festival, it's a tribe.

This year you have the opportunity to lend your voice to a lasting legacy
of rites of passages in our community. Sacred Harvest Fest has set aside
two days for rites of passage for whomever they are appropriate. These
rituals will be co-created by those who wish to help create this honor.
This year's experiences will be the groundwork for creating our

The finishing touches are currently being applied to the daily rituals.
Props are being made. Costumes are being stitched. Visions are being
examined. Every care is being taken to ensure that the rituals are
personally powerful for the participants. Along with the rites of passage,
this year's rituals will include our annual Tribal Hunt, Rangoli, a
coming-out ritual for those who's gender involvements do not conform to
the norms of the over-culture, rituals from at least two guest covens, an
assortment of rituals advancing this year's theme, and daily
workshops/rituals for the eight sabbats to tie in with this year's theme
of Living the Wheel: Mirth and Reverence in Everyday Life.

For more information or to register for Sacred Harvest Festival 2009,
please click here:

Register now while you can still take advantage of the lowest rates.

If you know someone who may be interested in attending our festival,
please forward this announcement to them.

We look forward to seeing you this year!

~ Harmony Tribe

Harmony Tribe (the close-knit group that organizes this wonderful
festival) is organized exclusively for charitable, religious and
educational purposes. Our mission is to provide spiritual experiences and
educational opportunities for practitioners of nature-based religions. We
welcome all who embrace nature spirituality in some form. Acceptance is
our desire; tolerance, respect and love is our rule. Contact us for
membership information:

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