Friday, July 31, 2009

Sacred Harvest Fest

What: Sacred Harvest Fest
When: August 8 - 16th, 2009
Where: Harmony Park just north of Albert Lea in Minnesota

Hello Happy Camping Pagans!

Don't wait another day. If you don't register before the end of July,
you'll have to pay $30 extra at the gate to get in.

Sacred Harvest Fest always has nationally known guest speakers, musical
entertainment and moving daily rituals in a family friendly atmosphere.
This is one of the largest family friendly Pagan festivals in the United
States, and the largest Pagan festivals in Minnesota.

Minnesota is home of the second largest Pagan community in the United
States, and what many regard as the most cohesive Pagan community in the
United States, known as Paganistan. Sacred Harvest Fest is the festival
product of the Paganistani community. This festival is so significant that
people have actually moved to Paganistan to be closer to the community
that creates this festival.

New this year we're introducing our very own Bardic Circle. Bring your
stories, your TALL tales, your songs and chants, your musical instruments,
and yourselves and come sit by the fire and share. We have also added Big
Joe and Little Joe Credit (members of Sona) coming to perform on Sunday
Night. And last but not least…. ( please place sound of snare drum
here)….we have added The No Talent-Talent Show on Wednesday evening. So,
get out your costumes. Practice your hula hooping and baton twirls.
Break out the Kazoos and come join us for a night of laughs and fun in the
Heart Chakra.

We know budgets are tight, but there are still opportunities available for
people wishing to enroll in a work exchange program.

For more information or to register for Sacred Harvest Festival 2009,
please click here:

If you know someone who may be interested in attending our festival,
please forward this announcement to them.

We look forward to seeing you this year!

~ Harmony Tribe

Harmony Tribe (the close-knit group that organizes this wonderful
festival) is organized exclusively for charitable, religious and
educational purposes. Our mission is to provide spiritual experiences and
educational opportunities for practitioners of nature-based religions. We
welcome all who embrace nature spirituality in some form. Acceptance is
our desire; tolerance, respect and love is our rule. Contact us for
membership information:

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