Thursday, April 05, 2012

Looking up Newsletter

Hello everyone, I have been thinking about anger, resentment, and forgiveness and how there was a time not so long ago when women were expected to act as if they never felt anger or resentment and to behave as if they could forgive without hesitation. I am glad that we do not raise our daughters today to be so closed off from reality. I still find value in forgiveness, but I also see a certain value in the darker emotions. Anger and resentment can motivate us to change our circumstances and to get away from bad situations. Anger and resentment can also help us to stand up for ourselves and for those less fortunate. But it also feels so much better once we have moved on and gotten to the other side of anger and can begin to allow forgiveness to wash over our souls. Just some thoughts I have been chewing on this morning; the cycle of beginning at peace, passing through anger, and then eventually finding our way back to peace again. take care, Skye Thomas

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