Thursday, April 05, 2012

Poem to my Son

A poem to my Son How frequent we forget The times we loved The time you were born and we first met And I would have been lost Lost without your smile Your touch and your way How can I say this to you But I will Be still my son And remember your precious life Be still my son and know that you will have a baby as you and a precious wife I am so happy you are still here The God and Goddess took care of you Now I shed a mothers tears That all you are and have been through the years Is my son and my love My heart beats slower now Knowing that you are alive As the wind, the earth, the sun and stars You have survived And your name means strength As it is so and always will be! Blessings my son who is now twenty-three I love you up to the sun and moon And the sea's depth below Always I want you to know I am here for you and always will be! 10:54 pm waxing moon Around the same time your life nearly ended a day ago. Blessed Be, Lady Arialora

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