Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Most Serious Problem to Forming a Coven

I see the most serious problem to be Apprehension. An individual, unable to comprehend the concept of a coven's existence, thereby possessing unidentifiable ulterior motives, in their own desires to be an integral part of the group, could pose a dangerous partnership.
Perhaps these persons would fall into the following categories, both based in fear:

1. Insecurity
2. Ignorance

Insecure individuals manifest certain characteristics, resulting in personality inclinations:

Characteristics Inclination

Impressable ------------------------------ False Values
Identification ----------------------------- Cultism/Sects
Recognition -------------------------------- Instant Justification
Escapism --------------------------------Non-committing

Ignorant individuals have characterics that result in these inclinations:

Characteristic ---------------------------------------Inclination

Malevolent ---------------------------------------Malice, Jealousy,Black Magic
Satanism, ----------------------------------------Judgemental Attitude

Intolerant ----------------------------------------Impatience, Confusion,
Frustration, ---------------------------------------Powerlessness

It would be differcult to place my trust in someone who has the inherent human characteristics,
someone who is harnessed by the fear that most often surrounds these qualities.-55xz

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