Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Whats New at The Mystic Candle

This summer has been Great. But it is slowly coming to an end. Will the shop stay open for the winter months? Good Question. I guess it is too soon to tell. I would hope to be open on weekends and maybe one or two nights a week. But I guess it depends on the urgency of customers. Last winter it was by phone call, sure I will meet you there and let you in. No problem. Late night visits at the shop were ok for my self or my daughter.

Has anyone noticed the beaded curtains. They sure do look pretty in a doorway or even hanging in a window, has that come to mind.

I know I have seen lots of new faces this year. But I surely do welcome my friends as well. I am always happy to see a familiar face.

And I know they love to come and visit and see their friend Clovis. For he always has to say hello and a welcome back to all his friends.

I have new little Fairies and Egyptian Statues in the shop also you may want to see.

Also MoonPanther has a published book in the shop. It is filled with recipes and making of incenses and even drinks. Even words of Wisdom. Hey check out her book, it is for a fundraiser. And what is more better than that.

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