Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Witches Believe

In the five belief, five points of the star, three circles, three level of operation and awareness.

Witches believe in the Law of Attraction, Harmony and Serenity, Power through Knowledge, the Wiccan Rede, and Progressive Reincarnation.
The Spirit Guides know best; it is to them their very being is owed.
Witches are in control of their lives as much as possible.
Witches do not feel guilty; that is, they learn from their mistakes and then use what is learned to their own advantage.
Witches love and life life to the fullest.
Witches are more interested in doing good, learning, and helping others than they are in a negative activities.
Witches use spells or rituals(power) only after working hard to arrive at a goal.
Witches are happy, serene people.
Witches respect and love every living thing.
Witches believe in not harming anyone, including themselves.
Witches believe in the Ultimate Deity.
Witches use stone-goddess for needed strength.
You need God-ess and God-ess needs you.
Witches also use "called-down" power.
Witches are good people, not the ogres Christians have made them out to be.
I believe in Witches; I believe I am a Witch.-56kc

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