Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Book Review

Who speaks for the Witch.

It's about a story--a truly horrible and a terrible story. It contains all elements of the perfect horror story. Lust for power, greed, and politics are well represented in it. Torture, murder and betrayal. The people they describe make Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein look like boy scouts leaders..
For this story is not fiction. it is about real people, who were tortured and publicly murdered to make a holiday for the masses. The tortures that have been discovered are still fit material for nightmares. It ranges from sleep deprivation( waking the witch), to red hot nails under the fingernails, and squeeze devices. Or even a cauldron of rats fastened upside down in contact with stomach. When heated they ate their way though the victim. After being tortured in secret for months and years, the victims were then publicly tortured and finally executed in the most vile and terrible way possible; by being burned. Prisoners were brought out in plain view for everyone to see. Then hot pincers were used to tear off sensitive living flesh that the judges could define. Legs, arms were broken or shattered on the wheel. Some were impaled by driving a sharp rod into the anus; some had their intestines burned in front of them and then the victims were burned. They should not die in public torture but instead would scream their last as the flames engulfed them, provided they did not have their tongues torn out.
Or a red hot iron driven down their throat so that screaming was impossible.
As the story continues they trace it's roots and name some of the villians, the demoniacally inspired church and leaders of times. They will mention some of those victims who were burned for a medieval holiday.
They also will speak of today, the madness and the lies continue for some of the same reasons that caused the Burning times of the 16th and 17th centuries, when the craze reached it's peak.
Today lust for power leads fear-mongering Christian cult leaders to utter medievil threats so that little children will have nightmares and there will be a better head count in the congrgation and a bigger take in collection plate. Hilter and his cronies were rightly named the villians of the piece, and the jews who were tortured and murdered were acknowledged to be victims. In the Frost's story the victims were labeled denizens of the Evil Empire, percieved as fit candidates for further mental torture and loss of property and the terrorist call thme selves the good guys.
You must understand that these ghastly villians protested and still protest today that they were and are doing righteous battle against the enemies of God. They saved Witches from the grip of evil by torturing and killing them. Those victims were ordinary people like you and me. In this story it is we the people who are the real good guys, and we have finally had our fill. We have sufficient power now to say 'Enough! The terrorist shall be named terrorist, and their crimes shall be noised abroad" We speak for the Witches, the people, the erstwhile victims, the genuine good guys. Over 80 percent of those who were judically murdered were women.
Unlike many writers, the Frost's know and acknowledge their bias; Though before they begin they do make one apology and one only, and that is, If they are cynical about the actions of the leaders of "those proudly phallic moral orders, either circumcised or uncircumcised" they deserve it; for we speak for the Witches, those who were burned and those still being shot at by their neighbors, thier employers, and their goverment.

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