Friday, July 15, 2005

Spotlight on Pagan Band

Tired of the old standard issue Pagan music? Maybe a little CURSE will cure you. Mikaela Pearson(vocals), Kevin Michaels(guitar), Theodora Micheals(bass), and Robert Lacyk(drums and percussions) have been entertaining audiences and winning critical acclaim since Spring of 2000. This New York quartet is fierce not fluffy, with hard driving bluesy songs that mix roadhouse with Rivendell and a stage presence that combine George Thorogood with J.R.R. Tolkien.
Curse formed out of the ashes of Caledonia, a goth-rock group which included Mikaela and Robert, and ultraviolet, an all-girl punk band featuringThea on guitar and lead vocals. After Caledonia's demise, Mikaela swore off bands, concentrating instead on solo performances with autoharp. A year later Thea and Kevin approached Mikaela about forming a new band. Casting trepidation to the winds, they booked some studio time, went in and jammed and Curse was born. Everything you listen to comes out in your music whether you like it or not says Kevin, Music is universal...Mikaela points out It's the language of the Gods. Mikaela is a High Priestess in North Star Craft, which traces it's lineage through the Gardnerian and Minoan Sisterhood traditions. Thea is a vegetarian for about 18 years, trying to tread lightly on the planet.
At present Curse is working on songs for their second album, while continuing to play shows in and around New York. They are also looking for a label and representation. Just because we've been able to do so much on our own doesn't mean were not looking for talented help, says Mikaela. For futher developments keep an eye on their website at And if you find yourself in New York be sure to catch their live show.

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