Tuesday, July 05, 2005

School and Church of Wicca

The Church of Wicca was founded in 1968 and became federally recognized as a church of
witchcraft in 1972. This was the first federal recognition of legitmacy of the craft in the United States. In it's time the Church has handled over half a million queries and enrolled nearly fifty thousand students. Many of it's students now play leading roles in the worldwide craft community. Question, Can a new magical non-hierarchical religion survive the enmity of corrupt and the bigoted politicians, businessmen and churchmen?
The answer is yes-- for the craft is not only surviving, but it is growing.

I have been studing under the Frost's for around 20 years. I have taken and learned many of their courses they offer. From learning the craft of the Wise to Astral Travel. They offer a great selection of courses. And they are as close as the mail box.

I know many of you think that this is a religion can't be learn on paper, but how wrong they are. This is not a made up religion that you make up in your head as you go. It is written. As a Bible, prayer book, almanac. A guide for you to follow. Yes in the years past it was a way of life . For those who stayed on this path it was possible to teach your young. But can you honestly say one of those were you? I bet not. All in honesty I was brought up as Pagan/Blackfoot, but later to realize the books and lessons were confirming everything I was taught and more. It is a big help when one of your parents or even both were into paganism and you have had the chance to learn from them, perhaps they were taught by their parents. Gavin and Yvonne have over 70 years combined experience teaching and studing Witchcraft. The bring this combined knowledge to you in over 20 books and pamplets as well as offering 13 courses. They have eouched the lives of millions of people. Now it is your chance to put that experience to work for you.
An it Harm None, Do as you will.

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