Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mothers Return

My mother, died on December 1, 1990.
Two or three years ago, I woke about 1:30am and was astounded to hear my mothers voice. I could hear her talking quite plainly. I listened as she came out of the bathroom, walked across the landing at the top of the stairs, opened the bedroom door, and closed it behind her. I could hear her speaking until 1:45am. It was so eerie. I could not understand waht I was hearing. I have had some other experiences. Twice I have seen a mysterious mist in my mother's bedroom. I thought the bedroom was on fire. I walked into the wall of mist and breathed some in while trying to blow or wave it away.
Every morning about 1:00am. I used to switch on my tape recorder to tape sounds in the bedroom. You would not believe the sounds I captured on the tape: movement in the bedroom, and alot of static as something unseen moved passed the recorder.
I have not seen or heard anything since.
My mother must be at rest..
Paul White

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