Saturday, July 23, 2005

Haunting Times

MM Everyone,I want to post something here as an information tool only for those of you that may find it useful, Please do not feel as if it is SPAM, I am not intending it to be that at all! So here is the authorized release of the information:***All of us here at Haunted Times Magazine would like to thank ourthousands of online readers in the paranormal community for theircontinued support since our inception in October 2004. Our goal hasalways been to fine-tune our content through an online edition beforemoving to print. The time has come.We are extremely proud to announce that the premiere issue of HauntedTimes Magazine is now available! We are also offering a yearlysubscription that will be delivered right to your home. All printissues are 80 full size, full color glossy pages of the best and mostdiverse paranormal content available today. Just stop by the HTM website: to purchase yours now!HTM will still offer our free monthly online edition of bonusmaterial not featured in the print magazine. The Fall online editionis available to view at: http://www.hauntedtimes.comThe print version of Haunted Times Magazine is completely interactivewith the HTM web site. This means that HTM print readers will be ableto view bonus evidence pictures and video as well as listen to E.V.P.that is discussed in articles on the Haunted Times web site!Order your subscription today: ***It will contain a regular column about Postive Magick, and other points of interest that you may find useful.Light & Blessings,Cassandra

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