Saturday, July 23, 2005

Signature on Petition

This is really sad only 398 Signatures on this petition with these type of Acts on the rise. Remove Judge Cale Bradford Message: Please Sign & ForwardRemove Judge Cale Bradford for blatant disregard of civil rights E. Jones and Tammy Bristol of Indianapolis have been ordered by Judge Cale Bradford of Marion Superior Court to "shelter" their child from their religion.The First Amendment and court rulings are clear that parents have a fundamental right to raise their children in any religion they choose.Thomas E. Jones and Tammy Bristol both practice the Wiccan religion - a pagan, Earth-centered faith. There were an estimated 1 million pagans worldwide in 2002. In the United States pagan believers have larger numbers than those who practice Sikhism, Taoism and several other religions that are recognized as "established".Judge Cale Bradford has failed to demonstrate how the beliefs of Mr. Jones and Ms. Bristol are harmful to the child, other than saying they may cause confusion. This order has been inserted into a divorce decree in which the parents have no disagreements in regards to the religious training of their child. Both parents desire that the child be raised according to their shared beliefs. Judge Bradford has blatantly violated these peoples' First Amendment rights.Judge Cale Bradford has committed an extremely serious act of discrimination against these people and their religion. Judge Cale Bradford has proven himself to be a danger to the well being of the citizens of the state of Indiana and he must be removed from the Judiciary of the state of Indiana.Please Sign This Petition Judge Cale Bradford for blatant disregard of civil rightsFor more info see this news story: Please Sign & Forward this PetitionThanks!Love & LightMari

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